About us

Faced with the emergence of digital, the volumetry of information and new technologies, companies and individuals are confronted with a new paradigm imposing for our organization.

The « top down » management of the current structures shows its limitations and now allows a more collaborative, agile and dynamic management creating a real movement driven by businesses.

Power of Sharing came into being. Organizations are must rethink their interactions with an innovative and dynamic approach. Thanks to a systemic vision, a collaborative intelligence is created at the heart of the structures, which makes it possible to envisage interactions at all levels of the organization. Therefore, POS offers surgical expertise in the key areas of digital transformation, data management and business processes in order to ensure the success of your specific projects in line with the organizational and strategic vision of your company.


. nos propositions

POS offers you a set of services and solutions through our expertise allowing you to learn new trends, methodologies and effective tools in order to facilitate the implementation of the best solutions . POS assists you throughout your project in order to reach yours strategic objectives in respect with the organizational vision.

. une méthodologie

Create, Harmonize and Share the Move! Movement is an indispensable part of the activity. Changing market conditions, consumer behavior and technological advances involve ongoing interactions between individuals and data. The CATIH © approach makes it possible to regulate to better share information in order to facilitate interactions between individuals, to optimize by digitizing business processes and to consolidate data according to your organizational context.